20 Gallon Calf Milk Pasteurizer

westwaard calf milk pasteurizer



WP20G - $7,650

We would like to introduce our 20 Gallon Pasteurizer. We received many requests for a smaller size that was a better fit for smaller dairies. Your requests have been answered! This pasteurizer is an efficient way for you to protect your calves from harmful diseases associated with feeding raw milk. Feeding pasteurized milk will save you money compared to using powdered milk replacer, while providing healthier, faster growing calves. Built with the same expertise and quality as our larger pasteurizers, this pasteurizer also includes our fully automated PLC control and heavy duty stainless steel construction. Our 20 gallon pasteurizer is a great size to be used as a colostrum pasteurizer as well! Call DariTech to order the best pasteurizer on the market today!

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